After School Program

This program teaches elementary children, how to understand and appreciate photography. To truly comprehend the artistry of today, children need the basic building blocks. Learning the techniques the early Masters of Photography used, the way life reflects art, and the ability to find striking things no matter where you are will allow children to relate and use art in their lives.

There are 3 lessons a month (depending on day of class) with one quiz & class project at the end of the month. On campus "field trips" to help to fully understand some photographic concepts will be ongoing through the semester. Classes syllabus and Welcome Back sheets will be provided on the 1st day of class to help students/parents stay on track with assignments.

If your child has a digital camera they are allowed to print their work at home & bring it in for class or the teacher shall develop film/disposable cameras at the end of every other month.

We do enjoy parent participation in the homework assignments to help allow the students reach the peak of creativity.

We will be offering dark a darkroom lesson in the Houston area once a semester. Please contact the teacher if you & your child would like to participate or just would like more information.

The Photography After School program offers lessons in:

  • Learn the Masters of Photography
  • Posing & Expressions
  • Using Paint with Photography
  • Picture Staining Techniques
  • Making/Using Props
  • Photo Composition
  • Making Frames & Photo Albums
  • Finding Photography inspiration, motivation & stimulation
  • Learn how to make matte boards
  • Parts of a camera (Digital & 36mm)
  • How to get the best picture from your surroundings
  • Finding beauty/art in your surroundings
  • Making Backgrounds
  • On-Campus Field Trips
  • How-to use Reflectors, Tripods, Lighting, etc...

All instructors have mandatory photography training (Having or in the pursuit of a degree in photography) and a history working with children of all ages. It is a must to love what you do when you teach photography. My teachers have to be creative, knowledgeable, constructive, and inspiring at all times to make sure these children get the most possible out of this class.